Speaking Topics and Rates

Social Relationships

The Importance of Social Relationships when Developing Language in Early Childhood  

Academic Language or Social Language: What’s more Important in Middle School  

Communicating with a Symbol Speaker from Their Perspective  


How Important are Building Relationships when Deciding on a Vocation 

Why is it so Difficult for a Symbol Speaker to find Employment?  

Developing Language

Research AAC: What is Important to the Symbol Speakers  

Uncovering the Mystery of the External Lexicon  

The Important Role of a Mentor Plays for a Symbol Speaker  

**        Consider addressing a topic in each category over the course of a couple days, in order for participants to develop a perspective of language over the course of life 

Audience Presentations are well suited for attendance by: 

            Symbol speakers 

            Parents and caregivers and family members 

            Educators- regular and special 

            Educational assistants 

            Therapists- speech/language, music, occupational, physical, vision, behavioral 


 Speaking Rates

Local Multiple days, two-hour presentations per day in person seminars
 $1500  per day
Multiple days, two-hour presentations per day in person seminars    $2500 per day  
One day, two hours, Zoom seminar                                                      $700  
Two-to-three-day, two-hour Zoom seminar                                        $700 per day  

Mentoring via Zoom                                                   $75 per hour 

Mentoring in person                                                   **Rate dependent on distance and

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